The Oregon Trail in 63 photos


To complement the narratives I posted here over the fall, I selected 63 shots from my drive east from Portland to Independence, Missouri, sometimes more and other times less following the Oregon Trail, in reverse. The Trail, which branched into routes to California and Salt Lake, was the passageway for hundreds of thousands of Americans to settle the West beginning in the late 1830s. An exploration of some of its well documented segments was the first section of my 56-day transcontinental drive.

I’ve used Flickr for years. It’s not terribly intuitive. To see the pics, you have to click on the image of the Gorge, which opens the Flickr page. To see the captions, you have to scroll below each pic. But Flickr includes all the data from the photos, including a mapped location.

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2 Responses to The Oregon Trail in 63 photos

  1. Elsa Porter says:

    Hello, Bennett. Welcome back, and Christmas Greetings! I have followed your postings with great interest and admiration. And looking forward to a long conversation with you if possible. BUT I couldn’t find the 64 photos. Can you clue me into their location on my Mac?

    Interesting times in Oregon, as elsewhere. It’s showdown time for democracy.

    All the best,




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