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Abraham Lincoln had it pretty good

When our 16th president was inaugurated, seven of the 11 Confederate states had already walked. South Carolina’s secession resolution, like those of other rebellious states, was unambiguous that slavery was the cause: A geographical line has been drawn across the … Continue reading

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Which path toward a more perfect union?

I’m glad I don’t vote in Iowa – for a ton of reasons, including I don’t have to make a choice today. Most quadrennials, I’m neutral in the primaries, focused on the end game. Eight years ago I was passionate … Continue reading

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The girth of the tax code – in one provision

Ever wonder about line 23 on your annual Form 1040? In 2002 Congress created a temporary $250 “above the line” tax deduction to acknowledge teachers for the money they spend on classroom materials that their employers won’t. Teachers spend several … Continue reading

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