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An opportunity to enrich the opportunistic

Published March 30, 2020, in Tax Notes Federal, weekly magazine of Tax Analysts Inc., where I was a reporter and editor in the early 1990s. This is a story about billionaires, how Congress makes laws, how city development officials work … Continue reading

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George Bush and the politics of prudence

What George Bush, who died yesterday, regarded as the biggest mistake of his presidency was his most courageous political act. It was also the last time the Republican Party engaged in responsible budget policy. I was Capitol Hill reporter when … Continue reading

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Ten reasons I quit watching football

As a hundred million viewers turn on the 50th Super Bowl, I offer 10 perspectives on turning it off. My football viewing ended after the 47th edition, when in a moment of clarity I turned to other items of interest. … Continue reading

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Celebrating “Tax Day” – and perverting it

IT IS A NATIONAL DAY OF ACCOUNTS: Tax Day. In bygone years, lots of us had our returns stamped at the post office after dark, taking to the last hour to reaffirm our citizenship. Long before Turbotax, I participated in … Continue reading

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